Want More from your Bible Study?
Journey through 52 studies designed to help you approach God and dare to ask...
... More, Please.
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What is more, please?
More, Please is a 52-week, journaling Bible study designed to facilitate the pursuit of more of Jesus.

It is tailored to be completely customizable. All of the pages click in and out of the binding so that you can move through the studies in any order you choose. The variety of activities in each week lets you pick what interests you. So you can journal as little or as much as you desire. More, Please can be done individually and also works well in a group setting. 

However you choose to study, at the end of 52 weeks you will have a beautifully documented journey of discovering more.
What is included in this Bible study?
  • ​Bible Study Journal: 52 weeks of Bible journal prompts 100 dot lined pages 
  • Weekly Activities: 9 unique weekly activities for a total of over 450 ideas to keep your study interesting and refreshing
  • ​Additional Pages: 100 extra pages that attach into your journal so you have all the writing space that you need
  • Bookmark: A snap-in bookmark that will help you keep your place as you study
Reader Reviews:
"This is a Great study to do independently or as a group. Extremely well written and intentional." - S.T.
"If you have a desire to grow closer to God through creative outlets, this book is for you!" 
- A.D.
"An intimate and personalized approach to getting to know Jesus" - R.Y.
About the author
Megan McTeer lives in Georgia with her husband and four children. She is passionate about Bible study, and will tell you that time in God's Word is what holds her crazy life together. She has created this book to help you facilitate one of the best things you can do in your life: look to God and reach out for more. 

"I pray that your heart is courageous and with expectancy you look to the God who made you and seek more from Him and more of Him. He is my everything, and more of Him is worth my life's pursuit. Join with me. Let's go after more!"
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